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Top 10 Tumblr Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Brand

Tumblr marketing strategies

Presently, if marketers are to list the various social media sites, Tumblr might not even be one of the options that will be easily considered. However, the current microblogging platform that is characterized by a combination of visuals, texts, and a community is the gold mine which is waiting for brands eager to think creatively. Therefore, in this very precise article, we shall be looking at the top 10 Tumblr marketing strategies to boost your brand.

If you require some way to promote your brand, which will also pleasantly surprise you with the number of possibilities, then go for Tumblr. Ready to dive in? Here are the best 10 ways to implement Tumblr marketing that will help your brand get the attention it requires.

The Problem: The Antecedent Silence of Strength

The more popular sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are usually overshadowing Tumblr. A lot of businesses ignore it as people consider it a place only for memes, fan fiction, and other communities. However, this underestimation of the linen product and the flax plant is greatly missed.

By combining a highly resilient and diverse captive audience and having format that distinctly differs from the rest of the blogging and social networks, Tumblr is capable of greatly boosting your brand’s profile and effectively. The issue here is defining the way Tumblr could be successfully incorporated into the picture.

The Solution: Tumblr Marketing Strategies; The Ultimate List

1. Understand Tumblr’s Unique Culture

Therefore, before spending time producing content for this site, it’s important to know about the Tumblr culture. It is all about creativity, authenticity, and the audience interaction here. This platform is different from many other social media sites where users don’t like promos and obvious advertising. However, the audience values authenticity and content that aims at providing some value.

Actionable Tips:

• This is done by dedicating some time to go through the trending blogs in your specialty in order to understand what attracts users.
• And it is not only about creating content, but also about retweeting/ reblogging/ liking/ and commenting on the posts.
• Do not write in or boredom bureaucratic and a more informal and relaxed language is advised.

2. Create High-Quality Visual Content

First of all, it is necessary to note that Tumblr is very visual. These days, a picture, GIFs, or videos must therefore be of the highest quality to attract the attention of the viewers.

Actionable Tips:

• Some people find sketched pictures interesting and appealing, thus plan on consulting a professional in photography and or designing.
• For good visuals, one can use the Photoshop, canva, or even Giphy applications to create account images that appeal the audience.
• Make sure the images and the videos that you use are compatible with the format that Tumblr uses and are created for mobile devices.

3. Leverage GIFs and Memes

GIFs and memes play the significant role in the culture of the Tumblr. Not only ideal for providing people with entertainment or education, but they are also tended to be shared a lot; this makes them the suitable means to promote your brand.

Actionable Tips:

• Develop GIFs with a direct relation to your company’s image and what you aim to sell.
• It may be necessary to use already trending memes and then incorporate your brand’s personality and essence to it.
• To attract more audiences, integrate some famous Tumblr GIF discussions or meme activities.

4. Utilize Tags Effectively

Tumblr tags work just like the hashtags do on other social media platforms, although they are called tags on this site. They facilitate the chance of your content to be found by users who are looking for information within related categories.

Actionable Tips:

• Apply relevant tags to your content, so your material can get to the audience it is aimed at.
• Integrate the highly used tags with the specific tags for the niche to reach the maximum number of people.
• The celebrities should always check which tags are currently trending and prepares content to align with them.

5. Collaborate with Influencers

Blogging influencers are instrumental when it comes to Tumblr. Collaborating with these famous Tumblr bloggers can also prove beneficial because the audience trust them, and are likely to follow their recommendations.

Actionable Tips:

• Secondly, it is essential to go through profiles of creators in your niche to find those with which your brand corroborates values.
• It is appropriate to give everyone a call or write an e-mail with the detailed offer of collaboration.
• Engage in the creation of contents that will be useful to your target audience and the target influencer’s followers.

6. Host Contests and Giveaways

Competition and sweepstakes are very useful to create the interest and engage users. It can also result in new followers of your account as well as better interaction.

Actionable Tips:

• Promote your brand by holding a competition where users of the social networks can post content affiliated to your brand.
• Ensure you provide a sense of incentive that is satisfactory to the target group.
• Make use of different media to publicize your contest, in other social sites, and your website.

7. Share Behind-the-Scenes Content

Glimpses into your company’s working help to create an emotional bond between your brand and your viewers. It informs the followers who you are as a personality, your employees and the kind of work you do in creating the products or services that reach the market.

Actionable Tips:

• Post pictures and videos of your team members working, corporate events or how your products are made.
• Share your updates in the form of stories regarding progression of your brand, its struggles and success stories.
• For any questions that have to do with behind the scene activities of your brand, ensure that you utilize Tumblr’s Q&A feature.

8. Engage with Your Audience

Tumblr is social media. Interaction may be in the form of likes, reblogs and comments can help you in cultivating the audience’s loyalty.

Actionable Tips:

• Reveal respect to the unique comments and messages quickly and with consideration.
• That is why reblogging user-generated content which includes your brand is one of the best strategies you should try.
• Encourage them to ask questions through hosting question and answers sessions or live talks.

9. Optimize Your Tumblr Blog

Many people use Tumblr and by optimizing the blog one is able to improve the experience of the users and at the same time how other users who follow the blog can be able to find them.

Actionable Tips:

• Select a good-looking and neat theme that represents the image and values of the company.
• Design specific web templates for specific information, about us page or any other questions and answers page.
• Make sure your blog is mobile responsive because a large percentage of Tumblr users are mobile users.

10. Track and Analyze Performance

Control is also essential when working on Tumblr to know the results of one’s efforts. Ensure that you employ advanced analytics to cut down on your trial and error methods of finding the best ways of increased returns.

Actionable Tips:

• For instance, employ the analytics options on Tumblr for purposes of measuring the levels of engagement such as the number of likes, reblogs, and follower.

Based on the findings of the study, the following are recommendations:

It is recommendable that compliance policies concerning sharing on social media platform such as Tumblr should be developed and implemented Companies should consider using Tumblr as part of its corporate social media platform Tumblr users should embrace best practices that can be implemented while using it.

• Find out which of your posts were popular and why the particular posts got so much attention.
• Shift the way you produce the content depending on the findings from the analytics.

Handling Objections: Dealing with Some Frequently Encountered Issues

Its audience does not fit my brand at all, unlike what many people might think Tumblr is, it is not for me.

Tumblr audiences’ interests and their demographics are very diverse and that is why the platform is very popular. Up until now, I believe that no case can be proven to be impossible to complete with a desirable result if the right target audience and content strategy have been chosen.

Another social network is fine to manage but not as time-consuming as this one.

Though the integration of another platform into the available social media marketing plans may seem quite challenging, the value of it might outweigh the costs. First, incorporate Tumblr into your current pattern of work and use it as a complement to the existing process, thus gradually increasing the usage intensity as you observe the effectiveness of the strategy.

It does not have the features of other networks: ‘advertising on Tumblr is never happening. ’

Although the opportunities for advertising on Tumblr appear to be lesser in number than on other blogging platforms, Tumblr’s reach and engaging abilities are not to be scoffed at. Concentrate on the production of useful content and the concept of the community to achieve the goals instead of excessive use of the ads.

These are some of the strategies to use when the going gets tough, stay tuned for more advanced strategies.

These strategies will point you in the right direction, however as with any social media platform, the long-standing blogging website that is Tumblr is constantly evolving. Meanwhile, in our next article, we’ll talk about even more additional tips on how you can take your brand’s marketing on Tumblr to the next level. Stay tuned!

Embrace the Tumblr Advantage

By now you should have a good feeling on how to use Tumblr for marketing your brand. This platform in particular has a lot of potential for brands and businesses simply because it is very artistic and incorporates images, creativeness, and the sharing of communities.

To sum up, one must stay true to themselves, be creative when posting material, and maintain activity on the blog. Thus, using the above mentioned strategies, you will be on the right track to unleashing the true potential of the marketing through the use of Tumblr.


Feeling you want to take it up another notch with your Tumblr marketing strategies? This article is intended to give the reader further tips on getting the most out of promoting on Tumblr, such as how to create promotional content, how to take full advantage of Tumblr’s interface, and how to supplement Tumblr with other promotional methods. Don’t miss it!

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