Little tenderness

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The officers were so frightened by Fu Shihan's rebuke that they shivered and dared not say a word or even look at him. Although Fu Shihan seems cold on weekdays, he treats people gently and seldom loses his temper.

After a while, the boys began toasting in turn. After walking through all the boys present, they came to the girls with their glasses. Fu Shihan came to Huo Yan and sat down. He blocked all the toasts for her and said softly, "She can't drink. I'll help her." Huo Yan wanted to say that she could actually drink a little beer. Fu Shihan stared at her, quite a parent's deterrent, so the words to the mouth, and to swallow down. Cui Jiaqi leaned close to Huo Sinuan's ear and said with a smile, "Fu Shihan really took care of your sister. He helped her block a lot of glasses of wine. I've never seen him so attentive to a girl before." Including Huo Si Nuan himself. Without looking at them, Huo Sinuan picked up his glass and tasted it. He said calmly, "My sister is stupid and won't refuse others. He took care of her when she was young." "Oh, so it is." Cui Jiaqi raised her eyebrows: "I don't know. I thought Fu Shihan liked her." Huo Sinuan's hand holding the glass was tight and her joints were white, but her face was still calm and relaxed. "How could it be possible? You think too much. The three of us grew up together. He always treated her as a sister. Can I not know?" Cui Jiaqi giggled and said, "It seems that I really think too much." Student dormitories will be closed at ten o'clock in the evening, everyone will break up at nine o'clock to go back to school together, go to the hall, Huo Sinuan is about to go to the counter to check out, after all, she opened a private room. Huo Yan suggests: "Everybody AA." "No." "We don't have to pay for it,drive in racking system," said a new secretary in Publicity Department. "Dinner and singing are funded by the department." As soon as this remark was made, the members of the practice department changed their faces at the same time and looked at Fu Shihan in front of them. Chapter 17 The atmosphere at the scene was once awkward. Publicity Department the students you look at me, I look at you, do not understand what is the sudden quiet air in the end. And the students in the practice department all made a sound and looked at Fu Shihan together. They still remember what Fu Shihan said plausibly at the dinner party. It is absolutely not allowed for any department of the student union to have a dinner party with private funds. Now things happen under the eyes, so many people watching, but it is Publicity Department to step on the minefield, to know that the Minister of Publicity Department is not an ordinary person,heavy duty cantilever racks, is Fu Shihan's fiancee ah! Fu Shihan's face cooled down in an instant, his eyes trembled slightly, without any hesitation, he was about to open his mouth, but was pulled by Shen Yuran's wrist. Shen Yuran lowered his voice and said to Fu Shihan: "If we make trouble now, everyone will not look good. Let's save some face for her sister." Save face for her sister. Shen Yuran emphasized "her sister". These words seemed to be really magical, and Fu Shihan's words were blocked in his throat. And this was heard by Huo Yan behind her, and her hand holding the strap of her backpack suddenly tightened. Fu Shihan's personality, Huo Yan again understand, but he is definitely not the kind of public favoritism, in front of the two departments of the new, if this matter is not settled today, I am afraid to put an end to this abuse of public funds in the future, industrial racking systems ,heavy duty metal racks, will become more difficult. Others will say that he has double standards, bump into the things in front of him, because the relationship is close, he will not deal with them, and how to ask others. He will be hard to convince. Huo smoke brain a sudden, looked at Huo Si warm, blurted out: "Sister, this time out to play money, why not let everyone AA." Fu Shihan and Shen Yuran looked back in surprise at the same time. The girl's delicate almond eyes looked soft and moving under the dark light of the hall, but there was some kind of firm taste in her eyes. Her eyes seemed to take root in Huo Sinuan. Huo Si Nuan reacts to come over at a draught, the face becomes pale unceasingly in an instant, mercilessly stared at just blurted out that "not sensible" new officer. The new secretary was too frightened to speak. Oh, why do you take it so seriously? Vice Minister Cui Jiaqi immediately stood up and said, "Isn't it just a matter of money? It's the same for anyone to give it to you. Today, your senior sister Huo Sinuan will treat you. You don't need AA." Of course, she is not a good stubble, although to help Huo Si warm to resolve the embarrassment, but put the account all on the head of Huo Si warm. When Huo Sinuan had the steps, he immediately went down the steps and took out his wallet. He gritted his teeth and said, "Yes, it's my senior sister's treat today. You don't need AA." She turned to the front desk, and her smiling face sank in an instant. This night is the consumption of wine, drinks and fruit plates, which costs thousands of yuan. I thought I could use the activity funds apportioned by the department, but I didn't expect this ignorant new officer to tell the whole story in front of Fu Shihan. Embezzlement of activity funds, several departments of the student union dinner are operated in this way, we all know, but will not say so brazenly. This is not a blatant.. Hit Fu Shihan in the face? The new officers looked at each other, some saw clearly the undercurrent between these people, and some were simply confused, how was it at public expense, a treat and AA, they were all dizzy. Fu Shihan looked at the puzzled faces of a group of new officers in front of him, as if a flame was washing and burning in his chest. He looked back at Huo Yan, and Huo Yan's deep eyes also looked at him, eyebrows Pure Brightness, as if to tell him to do what you want to do, do not need to have any worries. So Fu Shihan shook off Shen Yuran's hand, which was holding him tightly, and scolded Huo Sinuan's back: "Stop." Huo Sinuan froze in place and dared not move. Fu Shihan's voice was cold and hard, and his eyes were like a blade with a chill. He showed no mercy at all: "The funds allocated by the school to various departments of the student union must be used to organize student activities. Not a penny can be abused. Huo Sinuan,cantilever racking system, not only did you not set an example, but you took the lead in violating the regulations. How did you become a minister?" The officers were so frightened by Fu Shihan's rebuke that they shivered and dared not say a word or even look at him. Although Fu Shihan seems cold on weekdays, he treats people gently and seldom loses his temper.