Rebirth, little nanny

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Do what you have to do tomorrow. The sky won't fall. "I don't think that boy of the Luo family is not good," said Cheng Min bitterly. Just angry. Can't we wait until we all go to college. Just one year away.

Finally, the door of Mom and Dad's room opened, Cheng Min came out and saw that Luo Da's face was sweating and his face was a little twisted. Then look at her precious daughter, who is torturing with her head down. Had it not been for her daughter, Cheng Min would have laughed, but now she is really not in the mood to laugh: "What's the noise? Stay honest." Then he slammed the door. Li Wei is also exhausted, whoo! Take a long breath: "You give me shut up, I am tired to death, I need to rest." Then she sat down on the ground all of a sudden. She was so tired that Luo Da's flesh was really thick. It's still good on him for such a long time. Half an hour later, at the end of the parents' joint meeting, Luo Da was taken away by Uncle Luo's husband and wife with a serious face. But before she left, she was afraid that Li Wei would be cleaned up by her parents, so she said she would not leave. The old man knows him. Kicked away: "Go away, my child.". We are no more distressed than you smelly boy. We should do what we should do! Luo Da turned around and walked away reluctantly. Li Wei pretends not to see him that small appearance, she can't wait to be cleaned up by her mother, which has the mood to talk to him. To Li Wei's surprise, no one else said anything, but Dad said, "Study hard and be sure to go to college next year." Li Wei nodded and promised, "Don't worry,tile profile factory, Dad. If I can't go to college, there is no justice. I will go to college. Don't listen to Luo Dadi. I know in my heart." Li Zhaoxing nodded and said nothing more. But Mr. Cheng secretly pulled his granddaughter to no one: "Girl, did that dead boy bully you?" Li Wei shook her head and secretly muttered a few words to the old man. The old man grinned: "He has a conscience, otherwise I can't beat him to death. Don't worry, girl. Your mother is all right there. She won't bother you. Grandpa is here." As soon as Li Wei's nose was sour, Grandpa always supported and believed her so unconditionally. Holding Grandpa's bear waist in his arms, tears came down: "Grandpa, you are so kind. When I get married in the future,stainless steel tile edging, you and Grandma will live with me. I will honor you and Grandma." The old man touched Li Wei's head and said nothing, but his heart was warm. The result of the matter soon came out. The next day, the relatives and friends of Lao Li's family and Lao Luo's family set up five tables in Shouchun Building. This is still compressed and compressed by the two families, and relatives and friends who are not absolutely reliable are not invited. Especially Li Ma Cheng Min, feel too humiliated, can not want so many people to know, but some things still have to do, otherwise more humiliating. There are two names for inviting people today. One is that Luo Da has been admitted to university, and the other is more important. Luo Da and Li Wei are engaged. The last one is more shocking, on the spot, the eyeballs, a pair of scanning to the two people, Cheng Min only felt that the face, burning is not good. On the contrary, tile trim manufacturers ,aluminium tile trim profiles, Li Wei is more calm, Luo Da.. Less calm His mouth went straight to his ears. Li Wei saw that his appearance was too eye-catching. She went over and said secretly, "Actually, marriage and divorce, and engagement is nothing. If there is any sign of trouble, you don't have to go through the formalities." There was one thing she didn't say. The third uncle would give a big red envelope later, which was much bigger than the last one. Luo Da immediately stopped laughing, his expression was very serious, and his heart was beating drums. 223 Fish caught in the net After the engagement dinner and seeing off their relatives and friends, the elders of the two families began to lecture, mainly to Luo Da. Since then, the adults, especially Li Zhaoxing, have not blamed Luo Da for anything, but let him study hard and make progress every day and not learn bad things. Li Wei listens to one side cold sweat DC, Luo Da that also uses to learn bad, since childhood is not a good thing, is others learn bad with him. It was not only a lecture, but also a benefit. Uncle Luo and Aunt Luo each gave Li Wei a big red envelope. Grandma Luo gave a jade bracelet that was said to be heirloom. It was said that even Aunt Luo was willing to give it. Li Wei secretly took a picture in the light when she was free. It was really green. As for Luo Da, don't think about it, only Mr. Cheng gave a red envelope, Li Wei took it and kept it for him, then Li Wei blinked her eyes to see the happy aunt (I don't know what she was happy about), Cheng Fei understood and motioned to Ding Anping, Ding Anping hurriedly took out the gift, Li Wei looked at it, it was a beautiful necklace, and the pendant below was a sapphire with diamonds. It is estimated that my aunt originally bought it for her, and it is really convenient to send it at this time. Other people send things, are kept by Li Wei, but also quite fruitful. After returning home in the evening, Li Wei began to work with her grandfather behind closed doors, and it took more than an hour to arrange it properly. Li Wei is still a little worried: "Grandpa, can you do it? Will it not be strong?" She specifically told Li Lianhui to buy the most expensive one. The old man waved his hand. Cheerful tunnel: "Don't worry, girl, even if two of them come, they are forbidden to live. We are waiting for fishing." Mother Cheng Min has been feeling suffocated, did not change clothes after returning home, see her husband is changing clothes, bathing, drinking tea and taking newspapers, the heart that gas. Grabbed the newspaper: "Look, you still have the mood to see, I think that dead girl is angry, I am so angry!"! Tell me,metal trim manufacturers, she doesn't let us worry about anything except her study, and she won't spare us if she doesn't make a fuss. Li Zhaoxing gently took the newspaper. Patted his wife: "Not so serious.". It's just a matter of time. Haven't you seen it yet? This man. To see is to be unable to see. That's the worst. You can talk to your child when you have a chance. Don't let anything happen in high school. To the university. If you're not around. You can't control it any more. Besides. When did Xiao Ming let you control it. Although the Luo family is smart. Xiaoming is not stupid. Don't you see. It's always the Luo kid running around. Xiao Ming hasn't moved much. After all these years. Something would have happened earlier. It's out now. It's not a big deal. Besides. Although Luo Gang is very good at doing things. Their family is also an old-fashioned family. Know where to live. Luo Da will not be wrong in the future. After all these years. It is also a long-term place. Children and grandchildren have their own blessings. You broke your heart. People may not appreciate it. Get some rest. Do what you have to do tomorrow. The sky won't fall. "I don't think that boy of the Luo family is not good," said Cheng Min bitterly. Just angry. Can't we wait until we all go to college. Just one year away.