Huanzhu Landlord Qingcheng Nineteen Heroes

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The man in the middle of the child was straight, with a pair of black eyes under his neat short hair,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, which was very soft and clear in the vast snow. He also looked at Qi Liuliu, smiling slightly on his gentle face, and his voice was soft and gentle. "This

If it were someone else, the two sides would be riding a tiger, and they would be forced to do so. The method of breaking the array had been seen through by the enemy. They were young and competitive, and they were encouraged by the people. They would be eager to get out of danger. That would also take into account the advantages and disadvantages. Because of Li Hong's kindness and kindness, although the young man's heart wins and hates evil, he is extremely reluctant to hurt more people's lives. Despite the preparation in the sunshine, as soon as he thought of the great power of this method, he sent out a palm. Hugh said that the disciples of Shaoyang were going to be affected, and if they didn't die, they would be seriously injured. And from top to bottom, in such a large area, how many big and small creatures did he know? That is to say, the sea was covered with fire before, and at this time there was an enemy formation, and all living things would be frightened away even if they did not die, but there were still hundreds of feet left in the sky, and there were not a few. What's more, the voice is very loud, far better than the thunder, do not have to hit, the power of this shock, also can not stand. If you use this palm, the sky will shake and the earth will move, the wind and clouds will change color, the sea will fly like mountains, and the smaller islands will be shattered. Flying from the sky, down to the fish in the sea, all in the near left will be killed by the shock. It's not as good as the skill. It can be used at will. The size depends on the heart, and it will be out of control. To win is to win. What is the crime of these creatures being robbed? That is to say, if the force is controlled by Zhenyuan and sent to the sky,calcium nitrate sol, the creatures in the sea may be saved a lot, but in the end they will inevitably be harmed. For this reason, Li Hong wanted to send and stop, and paid again, but his heart did not dare. Thought: "The enemy does not know the name of this Tianbao seal, only to see that it is a six-array method, perhaps slightly know the name, do not know this subtle.". Fortunately, there is a treasure to protect, or first try with the Liuhe flag door, really to the crisis,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, and then use this palm not late Li Hong thought of here, also did not say to the crowd. Just as the golden light of the outer layer had grown a hundred feet, the gate of the Liuhe flag continued to grow, equal to it. With a shake of his left shoulder, the broken jade hook on his back turned into two rays of brilliance, like a golden dragon cutting its tail and flying out. Followed by a clap on the chest, the jade given by the three immortals of Lingzhi exorcises evil spirits and sends out a large silver light from the chest to protect the body together. Then with all escape light rendezvous, flying man within gate, general … It means that the golden light of the outer layer of Xiangyun Baogai immediately shrinks and flies forward, still surrounding the outside of Dun Guang. Li Hong said with a smile, "Because Vajra's giant spirit palm is too ruthless, it's hard to avoid hurting people when I use it. I won't use it unless I have to. I'm willing to spend more time.". Now we are inside the gate of Liuhe Banner and surrounded by Xiangyun Baogai. No matter how capable the enemy is, there is nothing we can do. You Taoist friends can put away Dun Guang and each hold one or two powerful treasures in reserve. I want to fight with him. They promised to take away their flying swords and magic weapons. Cangxu old man can't imagine that a child of the other side is so fierce, under the intersection of shame and anger, it is not easy to know, but also in the act, just both sides. Start it together. When Li Hong finished speaking, he turned the flag gate. The array was filled with smoke and clouds, Mars, since Li Hong led all Shi Wei, smoke suddenly stood in the six gate about tens of Zhangs high, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, only to see the rays of the sun, auspicious neon hydrogen, with the smoke light out. As soon as the change stopped, he saw a figure surrounded by smoke and sparks, which stopped him at the door and did not intrude at all. Seeing this, the old man of Cangxu was furious and pointed his fingers together. While urging the formation, he poured down the Tianhe star sand in the gourd as far as possible. Gan Tian Gang Qi stirs up again, increasing its power. The wind is strong, sparks are shining, Mount Tai is on top, the rushing waves are falling, and the six gate are squeezed down together. But the greater the pressure, the stronger the resistance. In front of the flag gate, suddenly a burst of smoke burst, the current star sand all burst, although with the destruction of life, one after another, the flag gate is more powerful. Cang Xu old man in anger, to be changed under the hot hand, Li Hong has also used, will hand a finger, six gate turn together. The rosy clouds flashed a few times, and suddenly grew thousands of times at the same time, sending out ten thousand feet of light, supporting the empty circle, and swinging outward on six sides. The star sand in the sky was driven by the Qi of Gan Gang, and it was extremely violent. Both of them were very fast and abnormal. They collided with each other. At that time, the rosy clouds and lightning flashed and stirred each other. The thunder shook together, and Gang Zhao was angry. The fire and smoke in the sky were like the sudden collapse of a snowy mountain, swinging in all directions. The flag gate continued to rise and expand outward. Cang Xu old man see Liuhe flag door has such power, know no longer rapid display, not especially unable to step down, less gate more open, the whole array of shock, even the thousands of years of hard work into the Milky Way Star Sand will be buried together. I gnashed my teeth and crossed my heart. I decided not to tolerate it any more. I would rather fight to turn around than lose this bad breath. With a quick move, he took back the star sand and launched the Xuanwu Wushaluo Throat Red Blood Shengang, which had hesitated and refused to use it. Loose hair in the air, step on the steps, bite the tip of the tongue and ten fingertips, a mouthful of blood will come out. Then he took out the treasure box from his waist, recited the spirit text, and threw it out, and then forty-nine black smoke would come out and hurry up. Inside the gate of the Liuhe flag, they saw that the gate was getting bigger and bigger, more and more widely distributed, and it was thousands of feet tall. The infinite sparks, which were driven by the spirit of Gan Gang, were scattered by the auspicious golden clouds in front of the flag gate, squeezed and collided by themselves, and sent out a kind of beautiful colorful smoke sparks, which were destroyed one after another. Although the former is destroyed and the latter is surging, the more urgent the oncoming force is, it can't rush in at all. Li Hong is happy in the heart, again a line of law again and again urge gate, stretch more and more divine speed. Li Hongfang expected to break out of danger, although the enemy knows the origin of this method, in fact, there is no trick. Suddenly the wind stopped, and the star sand, like the tide flowing backwards, receded in all directions, and all was gone for a while. Was looking carefully, suddenly see the flag outside the door suddenly a dark, up and down four outside are very thick black black gas bag. Then there were countless dark red arrows in the rainstorm. Although they were blocked by the gate, they were not shot in. But the arrows pointed to the door,Magnesium Oxide price, like a strong bow, ready to go. The gloomy and shrill sound was like a tide. The auspicious golden clouds could only be blocked, but could not swing away.