Gu Zhenren

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The two men walked out of the old wood and saw two six-turn bewitching immortals hovering in the sky. One is tall and strong, with bronzed skin and electric light on his body, and his name is Tiandu Shenjun. The other was a strong man with disheveled hair,Belt Filter Press, five big and th

The old trees, which once attracted countless great powers to compete with each other, with their heads broken and bleeding, and even fallen, eventually ushered in a lonely old age. The withered and smooth trunk seems to be able to recall the prosperity of the past only on the shadow of the trees shrouding one side. Today's old wood, the trunk has already withered to death, only a small part of the branches, there is still the breath of life. From a rare treasure that people are fighting for, it has become a historic site that is almost admired. It is like a giant with rickets, bent over, sitting on the ground honestly, waiting for the end of its life. Fang yuan came here, of course, not to admire the old dead wood, but to live on the old wood of the immortal stiff. This immortal is stiff. Before his death, he was an immortal of the wooden way. His surname was Gu and his given name was Ye. If Fang yuan wants to join the Beiyuan Rigid Alliance, he must first be introduced by an immortal stiff. Fang yuan had already found out the general information of the Beiyuan Deadlock Alliance from the Lishan Fairy. The reason for choosing Guye is not because he is special, but because his position is closest to here. Gradually approaching the old wood, Fang yuan deliberately slowed down, but did not see the appearance of the ancient industry. He could not help frowning slightly, and the vigilance of the ancient industry was somewhat poor. Finally came to the old wood, Fang yuan shouted: "Where is the old castellan?"? I'm visiting Shahuang. The sound echoed up and down the old trees, shaking the withered and yellow leaves falling one after another. From the depths of the old wood, a figure shot out: "Why is someone coming again?!"! Do you really think that my ancient industry is easy to bully? The tone was full of anger and helplessness. The ancient industry appeared in front of Fang yuan. He was yellow, tall and thin,wall penstocks, like old wood, and his bare skin was painted with wood texture, but it was the body of a rotten wood fairy. Seeing Fang yuan, Gu Ye hesitated for a moment. The anger on his face dissipated. "Are you?" He asked hesitantly. "In the next sand yellow, recently helpless to become immortal stiff.". If you want to join the Kitahara Deadlock Alliance, I wonder if the old castellan can introduce you to me? Fang yuan Shi Shi ran a gift, straight to the point, directly said the meaning. Ah, so you're the new guy who's going to join the alliance. Nice to meet you. Ancient industry changed face,filter nozzle, hurriedly smiled back, "I thought." Forget it, stop talking. The same is the end of the world, please come in, please come in. Fang yuan rose slowly, and under the leadership of Gu Ye, he passed through countless thick dead branches and rotten leaves and came to the depths of the branches of the old trees. There is a city here. It is a wooden town carved entirely on the branches of the old wood, which has a unique style. Countless wooden houses are stacked on top of each other, tall and short, with not only squares, but also towers, walls, and streets of all sizes, like meridians, extending along the branches. There are also various kinds of rattan ladders, vertical or inclined, extending from one branch to another. Unfortunately, lamella tube ,rotary vacuum disc filters, the wooden city has been half destroyed, and a large number of houses have withered and collapsed. The tawny rattan ladder is no longer verdant and unbearable. When the cold wind blows, the rattan ladder often breaks and crashes, falling on the trunk of the tree, making a dull sound. This is the old city. Even so, it still has charm. Back in those days, it was full of charm and beauty, and many romantic figures gathered here, and even became the center of Kitahara for a time. Fang yuan's eyes wandered and sighed casually. The city is dead. It's not very interesting. Brother Sha called me the Lord of the Old City. Oh, I'm not worthy of the name. Gu Ye gave a wry smile beside him. "To tell you the truth, if it weren't for the wooden road resources that produce a withered essence here, who would pay attention to it?" Fang yuan nodded and casually echoed, "That's true." Gu Ye sighed deeply: "Alas, if I had known it was so boring here, I would not have taken this task from the alliance.". But the good news is that the deadline for this task is approaching, and I can get out of the sea of misery. Brother, if you look at my miserable appearance, you should learn a lesson. In the near future, if you enter the alliance, don't choose the task of guarding the old wood. Fang yuan had already noticed that Gu Ye was injured, and when he saw him say so, he put his eyes on his face in a big way. One side of Guye's face was swollen high, like a pink peach growing on his cheek, while the other side was concave, covered with fine cracks like a net. Therefore, it looks like the whole head and face are somewhat grotesque, like a crooked melon and cracked jujube. Not only that, but there was a long scar on his chest. Although the wound was shallow, it was wide and covered with purple and black poisonous gas. Brother Gu doesn't mention it. I also want to ask. Brother Gu, where did your injuries come from? Fang yuan asked. Oh, brother. See you just turned to immortal stiffness, do not know the suffering of immortal stiffness. Gu Ye sighed and was about to pour out the bitter water when suddenly there was a thunder outside. The whole old tree trembled violently, the withered leaves were flying, and even the decayed branches fell down one after another like beams and pillars. Gu Ye's face changed. Immediately, Fang yuan heard someone shouting outside: "Surname Gu, come out quickly, this God comes here to do a business with you!" Gu Ye's face became even more ugly. His eyes breathed fire and he gnashed his teeth: "It's the God of Heaven again!" Boom! Another clap of thunder. The old trees trembled again, and the branches and leaves withered, just like a downpour. A large number of exquisite wooden houses collapsed, setting off clouds of smoke and dust. Outside again bewitching immortal cries greatly: "Ancient industry is, you come out quickly, I am flea Hou, you come out to see, have a thing to discuss with you." As soon as the voice fell, there was another loud noise, which made the old wood groan worryingly. Look at this posture, there is a tendency that the other side will not stop until the ancient industry appears. Gu Ye's face was extremely ugly. He clenched his fists and took a few deep breaths. The other side forced a smile and said, "Brother Sha, you sit down for a while. I'll go back soon." "It doesn't matter. I'll go with you." Fang yuandao. A touch of emotion appeared on Gu Ye's face. With a salute, he sincerely thanked him and said, "Thank you, brother." The two men walked out of the old wood and saw two six-turn bewitching immortals hovering in the sky. One is tall and strong, with bronzed skin and electric light on his body, and his name is Tiandu Shenjun. The other was a strong man with disheveled hair,Belt Filter Press, five big and three thick, holding a skull in his hand, who was a louse Marquis.