China Simulation Plant Lawn

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China Simulation Plant Lawn China Simulation Plant Lawn

China Simulation Plant Lawn Artificial lawn is a synthetic turf designed for your furry friends to roll around and play on, created with both you and your pup in mind. Every feature that this artificial grass includes is made to accommodate easy clean-up and use, and for your dog to get the most enjoyment out of it possible. Highly Drainable and Health Conscious The Artificial lawn artificial grass is made using highly-drainable backing and is sewn using non-porous synthetic fibers. The grass is completely non-toxic and lead free, leaving you to feel safe that your pup will not get any health conditions because of their playtime. Not only that, but Pup-Grass artificial grass inhibits both the growth of bacteria, and foul smells. Built to Last The density of every patch reinforces that it can combat the different types of solid waste that it may be faced with. With all these features designed with the goal of making your life easier and your pet鈥檚 life more fun, you can鈥檛 go wrong ordering Artificial lawn as your artificial pet grass of choice! Pros Completely non-toxic Inhibits bacteria and bad smells Easy to clean Looks natural Easy to install over concrete and soil Cons May take a while to installChina Simulation Plant Lawn website: