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6 Tips to Use Social Media for Job Hunting

social media for job hunting

The opportunities for employment are scarce as the world progresses towards the era of the Information Technology. Reporting to the manager with application letter and documents and waiting for a call is a thing of the past. Therefore in this article, I shall be discussing on the use of social media for job hunting.

Today, candidates have to be assertive, wise and inventive to make use of all the means available for a successful employment. One such powerful tool? Social media.

Think of being engrossed in a social network feed and seeing the desired vacancy there. It is not just a mere day dream; this is a reality if you learn how to use social media sites to search for employment. No matter if it is your first job, or you want a new position, or a promotion, understanding social media can work in your favor.

Benefits of Using Social Media in the Hunt for a New Job

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of how to leverage social media for job hunting, let’s address a common misconception: social media is low culture or simply a place where people make funny jokes and tag their friends. While that is a component of it, the likes of LinkedIn, twitter, and even Instagram are now some of the best tools for getting jobs or even networking.

Is Not Social Media Just Entertainment & a Waste of Time

• Critics would probably say that social media are not helpful as they divert the job seekers from active job search processes. Yet, if applied correctly, social media enhances your job search campaign and gets you in touch with the actual employers in your niche.

Getting Started: Contextualizing

1. Polish Your Profiles

Your accounts in the social networks are your CV. Begin with LinkedIn — it is the most popular site for creating business connections. Ensure that the photo you use on your profile is appropriate and that the title summarizes what you want people to know about you and the skills/titles you have. Do not omit your work experience, academic background, credentials, and any licenses/permissions, if there is any.

2. Define Your Personal Brand

What do you possess that others do not? Introduce the concept of your personal branding and display it on the profiles on social networks. Post things you know and things that you want to talk about. Follow the discussions of industry renowned personalities and contribute to the same. The best form of communication here is to aim at proving yourself as a knowledgeable and active stakeholder in your discipline.

Leveraging LinkedIn: Hire Touch is your professional playground; this company offers you the convenience of a professional and creative personnel with a high level of proficiency.

LinkedIn is one of the most reputable platforms in the niche of professional networking. Here’s how to make the most of it:

3. Build Your Network

Meet other students in your class, former classmates, interact with your colleagues, and people you like and respect. Make your connection requests more specific in order to make them to be accepted. Some other suggestions include: becoming a member of licensed professional organizations; being part of the relevant LinkedIn groups.

4. Engage with Content

Engage with posts by liking, commenting, and sharing they type of post that may prove relevant to fellow members. It is necessary to share your own pieces and articles to show that you have good and deep knowledge of the topic you are interested in. By going through content, not only is the visibility increased, but you remain on the mind of employers when vacancies open.

In case I am a first time user of the site and am not that well-acquainted with how it operates, then?

Even if you are a new comer to the LinkedIn, do not worry. It is initially recommended to do basic setting up and follow, unfollow, or like posts and pages strat Ragone, 2018). Frequency is preferred over the ideology and the number of people one interacts with in this process.

Twitter and Beyond: By reaching out to more people you are able to discover more possibilities since you have contacted many more people than the previous attempts suggests.

While LinkedIn is essential for professional networking, don’t overlook the power of other platforms like Twitter and Instagram:

5. Twitter: Follow and Engage

Like the pages of companies that belong to the industry of the firm of interest and follow appropriate hashtags. Engage in chats and discussions more on the Twitter application to present yourself and extend an outreach on your account.

6. Instagram: Showcase Your Story

Thus, Instagram is not just an application for sharing pictures, but, in fact, a tool for narration. Leverage the use Instagram tales and posts from employment path, initiatives, and civil accomplishments. Share the narrative of the real person behind the professional roles held.

Are you eager to move on? Be ready for more complex tips on branding yourself and getting a new job with the help of Instagram.

Putting It All Together: Punctuality and Tenacity

Employment searching is not just a single approach when it come to the use of social media; it is more of a continuous process. Here are some final tips to keep in mind:

Monitor Your Online Presence: It is advisable to conduct Google search frequently to know what a potential employer might come across. See to it that the public outputs you have on networking sites are suited for your working personality.

Network Authentically: Do not just connect and link just for the sake of it. Share ideas, give your help, and be ready to assist others you connect with in a genuine network.

Stay Informed: Being up-to-date with latest news and technological changes in one’s field allows them to be in tune and to belong to the society. Encourage the client to read articles and provide consultation regarding news to back up the knowledge one has in that industry.


At this stage you should be ready to use social media smartly in your employment search. Just keep in mind that it’s not about surfs hours a day and not minutes, that is about connection, about proving that you know a lot, and about being active. It is important to leverage Facebook and or twitter to leverage your career path and pave way for more opportunities.

Therefore, what is your delay? Revise your accounts, begin to interact, and the job you wished you had is right there waiting for you. Happy job hunting!

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