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Proven Strategies to Build a Standout Personal Brand on LinkedIn

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Consider the opportunity to enter a room where all the members are those that work in your field, employers, key industry players. Your goal? To impact the audience positively by creating a first impression that leads them to better opportunities. Let’s in this comprehensive article, explore proven strategies to build a standout personal brand on LinkedIn that attracts attention.

Now think of doing this so naturally, so easily that you don’t even have to step out of your house. Hello and welcome to LinkedIn – a professional social medium where your individual brand can particular stand out from the competitors. But here’s the catch: In other words, mere creation of a profile is insufficient. That’s what you need, a unique persona if you are to create a revolution.

Has there ever been a time when you have browsed through LinkedIn and asking yourself, how are those people so perfect? They stand out in their Facebook profiles, the things they post stay relevant, and are featured as experts.

At the same time, your profile is just scattered in the seas of other people and professionals. The good news? Don’t worry, you are not the only one and sit back as I teach you how to transform your LinkedIn profile from normal to great.

Creating a memorable personal brand on LinkedIn is not a privilege received by many people, whether they are influencers or CEO of some company or not, it is achievable if one is willing to go through the process. Whether you are a fresh graduate, a corporate employee or a career changer, knowing how to get it right on the LinkedIn branding can make a huge difference in ways that you never thought off.

The Problem: Marketing oneself, and one’s products or services, in a world where social media prevalence rivals oxygen availability

Currently, LinkedIn has is connected to more than 700 million professionals. Its 700 million profiles that compete with each other to get noticed. How do you make sure that yours does not fade out amid so many in the same competition?

It serves for contacting and career advancement meanwhile it gets ever expanding advertising field. The challenge is real: in fact, how does one grab the viewer’s attention in such an environment that has become highly charged with advertisement pictures?

The answer is hidden in a personal branding strategy that will include both the elements reflecting who you are and the elements that your target audience will like. This article simplifies how a powerful persona on the LinkedIn profile results in the generation of employment opportunities, additional connections, and acknowledgment.

However, allow me to briefly explain several objections which could be preventing you from examining the strategies in detail.

Handling Objections

“That is the most frequently repeated notion I hear, ‘I am not interesting enough to stand out. ’

Every human being’s story is different. The foremost crucial concept is to discover or determine what makes an individual an individual. Your stories, views, and abilities matter because all of us have different backgrounds, ideas, and approaches to the work that need to be done. It is about positioning them in a manner that throws light on your differentiation.

Of all the common and recurrent concerns on social media one will hear people say, I barely have enough time to create a personal brand.

Becoming a brand is not something that happens in teenage, but it does not take hours each day. The point is that regularity and concentration on something will allow achieving a lot without turning it into a routine.

If the writer is not comfortable about tooting his own horn, then find out the phrase to use when temporarily putting on a politician’s airs: “I’m not good at selling myself.”

Therefore, developing a personal brand is not a process that entails boastfulness. It is about sharing the process, ideas and value that is of relevance to people’s lives. This is simply writing a post or an article and people in your professional circles will engage in a discussion with you.

The Best Advice on Personal Branding to Build Your Unique and Prominent Personal Brand

It’s time to shed light on some practical solutions to enhance your presence on the LinkedIn platform based on several concerns.

1. Optimize Your Profile

First on our list of proven strategies to build a standout personal brand on LinkedIn that attracts attention is optimizing your profile. LinkedIn profile is your electronic business card. Here’s how to make it compelling:

• Profile Picture: This link should lead people to a high-quality professional photo so be sure to use a current one. The head should occupy about sixty percent of the screen, and the background should be free from any interference.

• Headline: targeting or producing a message, this is the time where you can capture attention as soon as possible. Do not just state your position, but what specifically you do and the contributions that you make. For instance, “Marketing Specialist | Lets Company and Branding Communicate Their Narrative to the Consumer.”

• Summary: What you are doing here is creating a Summary that will impact your future and that of whoever is reading it – short and precise – exactly like your elevator pitch! You should stress your career path, milestones attained, and passions. Be expressive and informal; do not be too corporate or serious.

• Experience: Don’t simply rattle off what you do: duties and responsibilities. Major on accomplishments and outcomes. It is important to make the accomplishment list easily readable and, if possible, to put numbers to the achievements.

• Skills and Endorsements: Check if your skills match the job you want to apply for or the job you are already doing. This should be done regularly and one should endorse others to in turn get endorsed on the same section.

• Recommendations: Ask for recommendations in your workplace and involve previous employers and clients. These testimonials help give your profile more credibility.

2. Content is King

Second proven strategies to build a standout personal brand on LinkedIn that attracts attention is providing quality content. Interactivity is very essential when it comes to building a brand especially a personal brand. Here’s how to create and share content that resonates:

• Share Your Insights: These include writing a post on trends within the industry you work or hope to work in, sharing your experiences within the selected industry and lessons learnt in the process. This puts you in a position of authority in the minds of most people and clients that you are interacting with most of the time.

• Be Consistent: Simple, it allows to stay active, always on your network’s feed. Ideally, post once a week at the very least.

• Engage with Others: Reaction and posting of post from the network. Engage the social media posts with meaningful comments instead of merely ‘liking’ them.

• Use Multimedia: To make your content more attractive use the images, videos and infographics.

• Write Articles: It is a great way to go deeper into your topics and show the audience that you are an expert in the field. It is good to provide more options but it is better to provide quality options only.

3. Build and Nurture Your Network

The fact remains that social capital is individuals’ network and how they develop and strengthen it.

If properly used, the contacts one makes are the worth of the individual in society. Growing a meaningful network on LinkedIn involves more than just sending connection requests:

• Personalize Connection Requests: ‘Make sure to send a message every time you try to connect and in that message, briefly state why you want to connect with the person.

• Engage Regularly: Repost or retweet posts from contacts, follow the friends’ links, put a comment. To the receiver it tells that you are interested in the information he/she is sending and keeps the flow of the conversation going.

• Join Groups: Join the groups in LinkedIn that belong to the manufacturing industry. This also assists to associate with people in your field of specialization and also market your competence.

• Attend LinkedIn Events: These events are meant for Anas to socialize and get acquainted with other people besides undergoing training. Be sociable, and ensure you mingle with other people who are there.

4. Showcase Your Expertise

The forth proven strategies to build a standout personal brand on LinkedIn that attracts attention is showcasing your expertise. This you do successfully by positioning yourself as an expert by:

• Speaking Engagements: Offer to contribute any recent speeches or panel discussions you have done. In case, you are yet to go out and speak, it might be wise to build up to the big stages by speaking at some minimal regional events.

• Publications: If you are an article writer, a report writer or a book writer, you should be proud and display those in your profile.

• Certifications and Awards: Display the employee’s clearance and any other awards or recognition he/she might have received.

• Projects and Case Studies: Make sure to give comprehensive descriptions on projects that you have done, with particular focus to those with measurable results.

5. Leverage LinkedIn Features

LinkedIn offers several features that can enhance your personal brand:

• LinkedIn Stories: Give some glimpses of your working life [that is, photographs showing how you spend a part of your day]. This is more ‘human’ and will maintain your audience’s interest.

• LinkedIn Live: Have episodes where you are live, then talk about certain issues within the field, or solve problems, or even have a conversation with the guests. ‘Periscoping’ can be very effective where one can go live, as it assists in having live interaction with the target market.

• Featured Section: Place the most important content to the Featured section, it can be posts or articles or links to articles.

• LinkedIn Polls: Create polls to engage your audience and to get their opinion or some information that could be useful for you.

6. Analytics and Adjustments

Number six proven strategies to build a standout personal brand on LinkedIn that attracts attention is carrying out analysis and adjustments. Ensure to track your progress and refine your strategy:

• Profile Views: Administer control on who is accessing the profile. This may help to determine whether your inputs are reaching the target group of your customers.

• Post Engagement: It is crucial to determine which of the posts attracted many responses, and attempt to do the same in the next posts.

• Feedback: You should also monitor any comments from your network as well as any information that you are sent. For example, if consumers offer negative feedback then you need to alter or modify the content you are producing in consequently.

You’ve learned the key strategies to build a standout personal brand on LinkedIn, but here’s the exciting part: Wait till the end; this is only the start. Just think what you are able to achieve if you get a perfect hold of these strategies.

You never know your next job may be a text message away. Still, how does one keep up and maintain building its presence as the LinkedIn platform continues to change? The answer is simple: learning constant and other changes. When the next part is out, expect more profound approaches and ideas into the enhancement of organizational readiness.


Having a memorable personal branding on LinkedIn is a process that entails strategic planning, time, and honesty. It is through the right optimization of the profile, posting of quality contents, use of network, demonstration of expertise, use of features, and a continuous improvement on the right methods that one is able to advance his or her LinkedIn profile for more opportunities.

As already noted, personal branding is an individual concept based on the principle that branding is a reflection of values. Ensure that you design it to be impressive, significant, and, above all, personal.

Now that you have seen these proven strategies to build a standout personal brand on LinkedIn, it is high time you implemented these in your LinkedIn and believe me your LinkedIn is headed for a new dawn of awesomeness. This is the time when the corporate world is ready and eager to embrace the brilliant version of you.

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