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8 Proven Strategies to Build a Standout Personal Brand on Instagram

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Let me paint the scenario of how the APP might look like when in use; you are browsing through your Instagram, and then you come across a post. In this comprehensive article, we shall be looking at tested and proven strategies to build a standout personal brand on Instagram.

The colorations are bright with the prospects listed in easily readable letters thereby pushing the clicker towards the profile. In less than five minutes, you are interested with the topics, the character, and the experience of the company. This is the advantage that a well-developed personal brand looks like in Instagram.

Finally, I should ask you to imagine your Instagram account. Does it impact others the same way? If not, don’t worry you are not the only one out there. In the midst of the various social media platforms and the kind of posts that are being created by people every day, it becomes very difficult to distinguishing or finding a unique identity.

But here’s the good news: extremely, launching noticeable and significant personal branding on Instagram does not rely on luck or numerous followers. It is about purpose, is it consistent, and is it real.

Let’s get down to exploring effective ways of establishing Instagram, which will grab attention and attract quality followers.

It is crucial to highlight that even if you are among those who are just beginning their journey or, on the contrary, you have already developed quite a solid practice in this area, you are welcome to have more efficient guidelines on how to develop your personal brand.

Understanding the Basics

Personal branding refers to an individual’s marketing strategy used in an effort to present him or her as an esteemed private citizen of society. ,

Now, I will quickly go over what personal branding is so that we do not get ahead of ourselves with the strategies. Personal branding is the way by which an individual introduces themselves to the community.

This is the skills, experiences and personality that you want other people to perceive you with. On Instagram, personal branding is your profile picture, your IG posts and stories, captions of the posts, and comments.

The Problem: Why So Many People Have Trouble Creating an Impressive Personal Brand

Most individuals cannot develop a strong persona because they do not have a proper plan of action. Many of them update their accounts sporadically and arbitrarily, and many will jump on a trend also without a particular goal. This results in creating an unpleasant image that may hardly resemble an individual or an organization they represent.

The Solution: The best approaches that can be adopted to create a strong Personal Branding Strategy

Ok, let’s uncover the strategies that would be useful to create extraordinary personal branding on the Instagram platform among the targeted audience.

1. Select Your Specialty and Clients

The first step that must be taken in the process of developing a strong personal brand is the determination of the specialized area. What colors do you like or dislike? Is there a certain brand image you would like people to have of you? The content areas of your niche should be special and unique but also largely general to encompass as many content types as possible.

Action Steps:

• State some likes, strengths and hobbies.
• Find out where your competition is lacking and it will be the area you can exploit to provide added value.
• Specify who this population is and what type of people should be involved in the study. Who are they? As for the second case, interests and pain points of the associated parties are quite simple:


If you are interested in fitness and foods, your focus area can be ‘C cleans regimen for occupied people. ’ Your readers will therefore be working population with busy lifestyles seeking to have a healthy body.

2. Ensure the project looks like one whole project

Your Instagram feed is your online presence or your best CV. Consistency is essential to make the layout or style identifiable and sophisticated.

Action Steps:

• In order to select a good color scheme it is important that the colors that you settle for represent the brand personality.
• Consistency must be applied when using the filter or editing of various photos.
• Organize your grid layout in advance with the help of applications Panoply or Preview.


Thus if your personal branding defines yourself as a happy go lucky person then the colors should be happy and the images energetic.

3. Craft a Compelling Bio

Your bio is the information, which is unfolded before the visitor, as soon as he or she enters the profile. Indeed, it must be three things: short, simple, and persuasive.

Action Steps:

• Summarize your identity by creating a headline that appropriately defines the subject of your site, which is your professional activity.
• Ensure that you have a clickable CTA prompting the visitors to go through the latest content or your website.
• It is important to incorporate keywords to the profile so that people can search for you using the recognized keywords.


“Online Personal Trainer | For Busy Ones/Women with No Time to Exercise | Hey, take a look at my new meal prep guide”

4. Write Constantly

After preparing High-Quality, Valuable Content, it is advisable to write constantly. Instagram cannot be any different from the rest of the platforms where content is truly valued. Overall, your posts should be informative, motivate or just plain fun.

Action Steps:

• Post consistently. Ideally around 3-4 times in a week.
• Always use clear picture and the videos should also be of high quality.
• I would create a schedule and vary them so that for instance, sometimes, you post photos, at other times, videos or carousels and sometimes tales, reels, etc.


For instance, if your specialism is the green fitness, you might share workouts, healthy meals, inspiring quotes, and success stories of the clients.

5. Engage with Your Audience

In order for an artist, a person to be successful they have to be engaging in order to create a loyal following base. It’s not about just generating content but it is more so about relationship.

Action Steps:

• Reply post’s comments and message a user.
• Also, the constructive work with the followers’ content through likes and comments is indicated.
• Engage with your audience and share content frequently through Instagram Stories; put up questions and polls.


Post content about the staff or about daily life on Stories and provoke your followers to do the same.

6. Leverage Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags enhance the visibility of your content in the feed or a certain platform. Appeal to them to expand the circle of people who will come across the content.

Action Steps:

• It is recommended to combine the Hashtags that are widely used and the ones that are specific to the niche.
• Collection and bookmarking of hashtag sets corresponding to the content material.
• According to Sop hubby figure, the number of hashtags that should be used on Facebook post are 30 hashtags.


If you are sharing a workout routine, consider using the hashtags such as #FitnessTips, #WorkoutRoutine #HealthyLifestyle, and targeted ones including #BusyProfessionalFitness.

7. Collaborate and Network

Partnership works are powerful in terms of increased profile and respectability.

Action Steps:

• Solicit creative or collaboration with other brands in the same niche as your business.
• Engage in the challenges or campaigns opted on the Instagram.
• One of the ways of becoming active is to post on other accounts or to allow other accounts to post on your accounts.


Get in touch with a nutritionist and design a workout and meal plan together and advertise it on both accounts.

8. Utilize Instagram Analytics

Thus, using analytics, it is possible to understand what strategies and tactics were successful and which one failed. Thus, it is appropriate to utilize this data in formulating the strategy.

Action Steps:

• Under the settings tab, you should often check your Insights to get the results.
• See which posts has the most engagement from the users.
• Adapt the content type and themes to what seems to be of interest to the audience base.


Knowing that friends are more active when watching workout videos instead of photos, one can increase video production.

Below are some of the most frequently and widely experienced challenges and how they can be addressed.

Objection 1: “Well I stumble upon the problem of lack of time to post frequently.

Solution: It is recommended to pre-write and organize your posts, there are applications that do that for you such as Buffer or Later. Besides, one should batch-create content on Sundays or when there is spare time available.

Objection 2: To the surprise of the readers I can say, “I’m not a professional photographer.

Solution: The smartphone cameras are remarkable, embrace natural light, and use applications such as VSCO or Light room for post-production. Authenticity often trumps perfection.

Objection 3: There is one usual experience that in one way or another many of us have had: “I’m not getting any engagement.”

Solution: Post more frequently, always include powerful CTA’s in your captions, and trial and error in relation to the kind of posts with your audience.

What’s Next?

Having these effective methods to increase the personal brand on Instagram, we proceed to implement them. That is just the start of it. As promised, in the next article, we will focus on some more sophisticated strategies of Instagram marketing, which means how to expand your brand by using Instagram Ads, collaborating with influencers, and much more.
Conclusion: Act and be Different

It’s not an easy task to conceive and produce a distinguished personal brand but Instagram is the ideal platform for it. Through understanding your focalization, selecting unifying design, sharing useful posts, and interacting with your audience, one will be unique in the society of social networks.

Do not forget that repetitiveness of the information and the genuine message are the two most important aspects of using advertising techniques. Begin to apply these strategies today and see your personal brand that you have on Instagram grow.

Wondering how to up your Instagram Profile? Use these steps and be ready for our next guide on the Instagram marketing tips for the professional level. Happy branding!

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